A heroic ballad of Rakibul 23/MAR/2021

Pakistan against the International XI
Test match at Dhaka Stadium.
28 February 1971.

Repeatedly deprived of the crime of being a Bengali
In that Test match, Pakistan team
Rakibul Hasan got the first call in the first XI.

Rakibul does not sleep happily at night.

But all the dreams were shattered before the match

Who gave all the openers of Pakistan team
Gray Nichols brand bat,
Ayub Khan’s election symbol sword is attached to the top of the bat.

Blood rose on Rakibul’s head.

This is the day when the Awami League led by Bangabandhu was all over Pakistan
The single got the majority.

Waiting for the formation of the Bengali government.

No, no, you can’t take Ayub Khan’s election symbol on the field with the bat.

Purbani left the hotel at night
He sat down in consultation with his friend Sheikh Kamal

What can be done !!

26 February morning, Dhaka Stadium.
Thousands of Bengali visitors to the gallery.

With West Pakistani Azmat Rana
Rakibul got down to start batting.

A photographer noticed first
The matter.
He rushed to take pictures.

News spread across the stadium at the moment –

Rakibul instead of a sword in his bat
“Joy Bangla” is playing with sticker.

The sky shook across the stadium
The slogan was,

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangla.

The flash of local and foreign cameras ignited.

The next day the headlines of the big newspapers around the world

With Joybangla sticker for Pakistan
He came down to the field and shocked the world
Rakibul Hasan ”

As soon as March came, towards the red-green flag
Smriti Rakibul Hasan K.
He took it in 1971.

After that match became a pond
West Pakistani player Zaheer Abbas
Going back to West Pakistan –

As he was leaving, Zaheer raised his hand and said,

– Rakibul, see you in Karachi again.

Rakibul Hasan said firmly,

– Must see.
But then there will be new with me

Our Rakibul Hasanas spoke.

Fought nine months,
Become the owner of a new passport
Then he returned home.

I am proud of these heroic deeds.

Every year on the morning of March 26,
Keep flying
Looking at the red-green flag
Chik chik water accumulates in the corner of the eye.

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