Biden called for unity among the people

After being sworn in as the 47th President of the United States, President Joe Biden said: I urge people across the United States to join me. We will lead the world, not with our strength, by setting an example. ‘
U.S. leaders gathered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Joe Biden, the hero of the ongoing history of the United States, gave his emotional speech amidst members of the military and various levels of security. In his inaugural address, Biden spoke of expectations and promises. Joe Biden has expressed optimism that the image of the United States under Donald Trump has grown over the past four years.

Former President Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been sworn in as two-time US Vice President Joe Biden. He was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. At the White House swearing-in ceremony on the West Front, Minnesota-elected Senator Amy Klobucher welcomed Joe Biden as president and Vice President Kamala Harris as president. “Today is the time for democracy in the United States to rise,” he said. Today is the day to send a message to the United States to move forward, as it has always done. ”
Republican Senator Roy Blunt, the chairperson of the swearing-in ceremony, said in his speech that democracy in the United States was attacked on January 8. At his urging, everyone gathered to pay their respects to the national anthem of the United States. At the end of Senator Blunt’s speech, Joe Biden stepped forward and thanked him.

The swearing-in ceremony took place in front of a limited number of invited guests, including lawmakers and the U.S. government’s judiciary and administrative officials, who wore masks amid the Corona reality and tight security. The famous American musician Lady Gaga performed the national anthem. The state leaders present at the time stood up and greeted the national anthem. At the time, Lady Gaga was wearing a US Air Force monogram.
The first Latin judge in U.S. history, Sonia Sotomayor, administered the oath of office to Kamala Harris as vice president. With this, Kamala Harris became the first woman in the history of the United States to become the Vice President of black and Asian descent. Her husband, Dr. Emmahoff, holds the Bible while Orange Harris is sworn in. After that, the famous artist Jennifer Lopez was obsessed with the patriotic songs of the United States for some time during her debut ceremony. At 11:46 a.m. local time, Chief Justice John Roberts was called to administer the oath of office to President Biden. Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, kept the family Bible at the time. After administering the 35-word oath, the Chief Justice congratulated President Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been seen as passionate for some time. Six-year-old Joe Biden was sworn in as the oldest president in US history and sat in his seat for a while within three minutes. Biden was crying at the time.
At 11:51 a.m., Senator Amy Cloboucher called on President Joe Biden to deliver his inaugural address. Joe Biden began his speech by addressing the Chief Justice, the Vice President and others. “Democracy is very valuable,” he said. Democracy has been saved today. ‘

Biden greeted the presidents of both his predecessors. Joe Biden also greeted former President Jimmy Carter, who was absent from the ceremony. Carter could not attend the ceremony due to physical reasons.
Joe Biden referred to the economic realities of the country caused by the coronavirus and called for a united front against white conservatism, racism and violence. He said, ‘There is only one desire in all my being — we will be united. I urge all Americans to join me. We want to take the United States back to the world. The history of the United States has gone through many conflicts. We have always gone north in unison. There is no peace without unity. ‘
“Let’s start anew,” Biden said. We start listening to each other, respecting each other. The United States is a much better country than the current image. We have to prove that Americans are the best as a nation. Citing Harry’s inauguration as Vice President marked a turning point in US society and culture, Biden said: Unity is the key to moving forward. I will continue to fight equally for all those who voted for me and those who did not. ‘
“I have every message,” said President Biden, referring to the plight of the people in the US economic crisis. We can expand our hearts and eliminate all inequalities that exist between urban and marginalized states. We need each other to move forward. We must move forward as a nation. We will overcome this difficult time together. ‘

Addressing the world, Biden said, “The United States will lead the world today and in the days to come.” In particular, he called on all to unite in tackling the epidemic. Joe Biden called on all to pray silently in memory of those killed in the epidemic. A few seconds of silence later reminded us of the more than four million people who died in Corona in the United States.
Condemning the January 8 attack on Capitol Hill, President Biden said, “This has not happened, it will not happen again; It will never happen again. ‘
Towards the end of his speech, Biden said, “Dear American friends, I begin where I am today. I swear by God and by all of you that I will always be with you. ‘He said,’ I will uphold the constitution. I will protect democracy. I will keep the United States at bay. And I say to all of you, to all of you, I will serve you without thinking of power, thinking of possibilities. Public interest will be the key, not personal interest. Together we will write a story of hope, not fear; I will write a story of unity, not division; I will write the story of light, not darkness. It is a story of politeness and dignity, love, care and good wishes. ‘
At 12:13 a.m. local time, President Joe Biden ended his speech. “God save the United States, God save everyone,” Biden concluded his inaugural address.Biden called for unity among the people

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