Coal from India won’t be used as fuel at Rampal power plant 2021

Coal imported from India will not be used as fuel for the Rampal thermal power plant in Bagerhat, authorities said.

Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company Limited said in a statement on Saturday that 3,800 tonnes of coal would be used in one of the four stockyards.
The company will never import coal from India for the project. It is stockpiling coal for fuel from Indonesia, Australia or South Africa. Tenders have also been called for the collection of coal for fuel, the statement said.
The Indian coal consignment left Kolkata’s Saima Prasad Mukherjee port for Bangladesh on Friday, The Hindu Business Line reported.
The coal exporter is Godavari Commodity and is run by ZS Logistics towards the end, the company said in a statement.

It expects to collect 20,000 tonnes of Indian coal per month from SMP Kolkata.

The power plants were part of the power master plan for 2010-2011 but were not implemented on time. During this time scraping projects were discussed.
Also, the signing of the Paris Agreement by Bangladesh and the role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the chairperson of the Climate Damage Forum “has made it necessary for us to generate electricity in a more environmentally friendly way,” said State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid Bipu.

Since 2006, Bangladesh has approved the construction of 16 coal-fired power plants, of which 10 are now scrapped.
Leaders and activists have claimed for years that the government may cancel the 1,300-megawatt Rampal power plant project due to its proximity to the Sundarbans mangrove forest.
Transportation of coal, waste materials and ash or smoke will harm the environment of the region.
The government claims that the use of modern technology will reduce the damage to the environment.
Exim Bank of India has provided $ 1.6 billion in loans to build the 2 billion plant. The project is being constructed by Bharat Bhari Electricals, a state-owned company in India.

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