Dhaka are more traffic as the lockdown enters on the fifth day

The fifth day of the nationwide lockdown saw more people and vehicles on the streets of Dhaka. Stores have reopened in some places without notice from law enforcement.

On Monday, there were heavy traffic jams and large gatherings at various places in the capital including New Market, Nilkhet, Hatirpul, Bangla Motor and Green Road areas.
The situation in old Dhaka, Azimpur, Lalbagh, Kellermore, Bakshibazar and Pallashir Eli and adjoining roads was the same as in the last few days, but Rampura, Hajipara and Malibagh areas were more crowded.
According to the government order, only necessary outlets have been allowed to open during the lockdown, but all types of stores have started raising their shutters in violation of health protocols. The store owners pretended to close quickly when the police patrol proceeded.
Fish, vegetable and dried goods shops were open in the Chapra Mosque area of Azimpur and the area was very crowded.
Stores for furniture, bedding, sanitary ware, electronics and clothing were open at Mirpur-12. Many of them were working with their shutters half-closed.
Crowds can also be seen in wet markets and dry good shops around the city including Rampura.

Sharmin Akhter, a housemaid who came to shop in Shantinagar market, said none of the customers in the market follow the health protocol. He said he decided not to enter and instead bought groceries from traders on the sidewalk outside.
“The masks of the vegetable traders are hanging around their necks. If you say something, they complain that they don’t always like it. ”
Besides, there was more traffic on the main roads of the city.
Rickshaws are taking more passengers in Kakrail, Malibagh, Mouchak and Paltan.
Like many other people in the low-income group, many rickshaw pullers did not wear masks.
Of the group of day laborers waiting for work at the Shantinagar intersection, only one or two wore masks, but they had already dragged them to their chains.

“We are poor people,” said Rafiq, a day laborer. “We don’t get coronavirus. It does not affect the poor. I have been sitting here since morning hoping to get a job. What good is wearing a mask? ”
Police were crossing the check post at Kakrail, Fakir’s pool and platoon, stopping the vehicle and interrogating him. Law enforcers could also be seen in the Azimpur junction and Lalbagh Fort Gate area.
There were more people on the streets of Mirpur and there were more cars and rickshaws on the main roads
Many office workers were walking to work in Pallabi area. Many more said they were going out shopping.
Lockdown restrictions seemed to have less strict adherence, with fewer people wearing masks.
“I’m walking to work,” said Tajul Islam, a garment worker. “I can’t wear a mask while walking such a long way. I kept it in my pocket when I got wet with sweat. I’ll turn it on again when I get to the office. “

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