Every time I watch a short film, I am fascinated by it.

Shortfilm: Sometimes
Starring: Afran Nisho, Tanjin Tisha, Sayla, Directed by: Mizanur Rahman Aryan.

Spoiler alert –
Every time I watch a short film, I am fascinated by it.
Some of the best dialogues in the drama

I told you to get married the day I told you just for your own good but you are so good now that I can’t accept it. Well, it’s normal to accept or not to accept.

I was fine the day before your wedding, but just before I confessed, this is the end of our story. I lost you. I think you have nothing to do with the pain of living in a room with two handfuls of rice in two days. From that day till now, the pain in my chest or side chin has not diminished. I miss you so much. I want you to be well. I don’t think you can be good without me.

Third –
I know why I am so proud of you I think you have forgotten me You have forgotten all those days I have nothing in you I do not write this letter to you I do not remember what you can hear If you can hear the last question Well my word Don’t you remember at all?


How much you said before marriage that it would be hard for me to live without you. I’m going to die of suffocation, but I’m fine today. I’m going here and there with my husband. I’m going here and there. I’m taking pictures of Rang Berang. I’m uploading pictures on Facebook. I’m captioning ‘love of my life’. But a week ago I was your love of my love. In how many days so much change? In fact, everyone is fine, just to say I’m not good without you.

Fifth –
In fact, if Trina cries, I will suffer a lot! Even then, I want her to call me for two minutes, tell me to sleep properly, tell me to eat. Nishor’s natural acting was restless while giving this dialogue.

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