Furniture that will reduce the hassle of moving house

Most of the people in different cities including Dhaka live in rented houses. That is why they have to move to Pohate. Furniture is more damaged in the hassle of moving house. Only experienced people know that once the house is moved, the life of the furniture is reduced. Unloading furniture from the house, loading them in a van or truck, unloading them in front of a new house, taking them home all in all, there is really nothing left of the life of the furniture. Again, if they are made of different types of boards, then there is no point.

Knock down or ready to assemble furniture

Knock down is nothing new. However, it has gained a lot of popularity recently. Furniture made in this way can be moved easily and without any damage. Among the furniture of knock down concept, bed is more familiar to us. Each part of the bed was opened and moved long ago. These are also called ready-to-assemble furniture.

Knock Down or Ready to Assemble Furniture

Now there is a variety of furniture available in the market knock down or ready to assemble. Everything has to be packaged. It can be used only after buying the necessary furniture and assembling it at home. It can also be easily transferred by opening the packet when needed. The main feature of these is that instead of nails, they have screws attached to them, so it is very easy to remove and attach each part as required. These can be easily transported without any damage due to the removal of each part. Once learned, family members can easily set them up again for use.

Every piece of ready-to-assemble furniture can be removed: The Design Tabloid

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Never rubbed on the stairs or anywhere else while fetching. No stains fell anywhere. Transportation costs were also halved. There was more space in the truck to unload each part. Maybe the whole house furniture could be taken in one trip. As a result, the cost of two trips behind the truck came down to one trip. Two in one: The furniture was good, the cost was low. Isn’t that great?

Knock-down furniture is easily available in any large showroom selling furniture. Or you can make your own design knock down furniture in the wood shop of the neighborhood. Beds, chairs, tables, sofas, divans, cupboards, all kinds of furniture that can be used at home, almost all of them can now be made in knock down method.


It is better to choose the best brand of furniture for knock down furniture. It will maintain the quality of finishing and additional equipment for the future. If you want to make it from the shop, then you have to make it with a skilled craftsman. Because, its screw fitting, wood measurement and finishing must be of exactly the right size. However, experts say that the less these furniture can be opened, the better.

Change the box

In the days to come, our home will probably be in the hands of the box. And some boxes will be moved from the old house to the new house. Signs of this can be seen now. Our beds have become box beds long ago. Smaller furniture has already taken the shape of boxes, which are being used for multiple purposes. Lately, it has been seen that more than one box of the same size is being placed one on top of the other to shape a particular piece of furniture.

Book boxes can be made by placing a box on top of each other: Author

For example, a bed side drawer is being made by arranging multiple boxes of the same size on top of each other, and bookshelf is being made in the same way with multiple boxes of the same size. Mattresses are being spread on multiple long boxes. The showcase has been divided into two parts. Putting the upper part of the showcase on the bottom box becomes a complete showcase. Wardrobes are also made by placing boxes at the top and bottom or by placing multiple boxes of the same size side by side.

Two-part show case: Collected

This use of furniture boxes is mainly due to the small space of the small house to make better use of it and the convenience of easy transportation. These small boxes can be easily moved during relocation with or without luggage inside. In other words, if you change some boxes now, the house will be changed! Because of the small size of the furniture during relocation, they are not damaged during lifting or unloading. They can be moved quickly and cheaply.

Where to find

If you search in the showroom, you will find a lot of furniture made with boxes. If you don’t want to do that, share your plan with the wood shop in your area. They will make you different shaped boxes to your liking. You will use them as you wish. The price of your box will depend on the price of the wood, the number of boxes and the varnish.
The modernity of the 21st century does not only mean the splendor of clothes and accessories. Understanding what you want and how you want it is the cool trend of the time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The trend of knock down furniture or boxes is going on now. Now you have to think about how to use them to your advantage.

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