His business will be able to redeem Trump’s stigma

Before becoming president, Donald Trump built a business empire where workers held his name in high esteem. But after four years, the situation seems to have turned 360 degrees. The president’s brand has been tarnished by his name since the January 8 attack on the Capitol Hall by Trump supporters. His business is under threat.
Many of his close associates have already severed business ties with Trump. Including Signature Bank, where Trump has a personal account. There is also the US PGA, who planned to program the championship in 2022 at Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course. Trump, who owes about কোটি 400 million to Deutsche Bank, also wants to sever all ties with Trump.
Such announcements do not only indicate Trump’s position in the business community. At the same time, the already coronavirus epidemic is causing further damage to Trump’s business.
Michael D’Antonio wrote Trump’s 2015 biography. “Trump’s name is really Albatross,” he told AFP. That incident on January 7 changed the game of his brand. He is the most humiliated president in history. He is a man who is synonymous with the mob that attacked the US capital. ”

Tim Calkins, a professor at Northwestern University, thinks Trump’s multifaceted stigma will have a huge impact on his company. He said Trump’s brand would suffer long-term losses because of that chaos. Before becoming president, Trump lived a life of wealth, success and, above all, luxury. Now his brand is involved with anti-government views, racism and extremism. This has made the brand fairly toxic.
However, the news agency AFP did not receive any comment from Trump’s company. However, in an interview last October, Trump dismissed the business challenge, saying, “চে 400 million at Deutsche is a small percentage of my net worth. Trump claims that the total value of his movable and immovable assets around the world will be ১ 1 trillion. ‘
However, after becoming president, Trump has to face many business losses. After becoming president, the Trump organization came out of a luxury hotel in Soho, New York. Trump suffered many more such minor losses. Analysts say it’s really hard to estimate Trump’s overall business loss as president. For example, Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric are now running the Trump Organization. Trump’s election victory was aimed at a multi-faceted business plan, including a new hotel chain. However, in 2019, many of his things were ruined.

The son of a business family, Donald Trump built a mountain of wealth in the hotel and real estate business. There is no reliable information on the amount of his wealth. According to the German business magazine Handelsblatt, Trump owns shares in 500 companies in 25 countries. Almost nothing is known about the activities, income-expenditure or profit of these companies. According to a CNN report, Trump has 144 companies in 25 countries. According to the Washington Post, Trump has 111 companies in at least 17 countries. In 1981, Trump took over the responsibility of The Trump Organization from his father.

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