Khaled Siddiqui Bullet (Child of a martyred freedom fighter)

Why don’t I go to any event on Independence Day. Many people close to me have made negative comments on this one issue that despite being the child of a martyred freedom fighter, I do not go to any event like Independence Day or Victory Day. Of course, I have an explanation.

First of all, when Independence Day or Victory Day comes, the pain of losing a relative is too much for the chest. Because we did not find the body of the martyred father. And since this war of independence and the death of my father are identical, I spend a sad time on this day. What would you do if?

Second, my family and I have been dependent on each other since independence. Let me explain, my brothers and sisters and I were children in the liberation war of 1971 and its aftermath. The father was the only earner. So here our economic wheel came to a halt, the so-called rich people of the society kept reminding us that we are orphans, we will live at their mercy. They reminded us that no matter how great a freedom fighter your father is, in an independent country you are actually dependent on the economy.

I thought, really! My true freedom has not yet been achieved. Or else my freedom has been taken away. The beneficiaries sat where I was supposed to stay. They are being honored where I was supposed to be. And I am the object of their mercy. O state, are they not insulting us and tarnishing the liberation war?

They have enjoyed our suffering in the absence of the Father, and still do, they enjoy telling us that we have no land, they own the land. Tell me! O my dear independent Bangladesh, am I independent?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I am just a child of a freedom fighter by name, they are enjoying their freedom with the blood of my dear relatives, and I am a state orphan. But I am the servant of Nashor, why should I obey this rule of the society created by them? So for them to be the sole focus, I do not go to this event to occupy the chair.

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