Paritosh Chowdhury of Sholghar left for the land of no return.

Saturday, November 26, 2020.
Munshiganj, Srinagar: Paritosh Chowdhury of Sholghar is no more. He passed away after passing 60 springs of life. With his death, Sholaghar lost a colorful life spanning a quarter of a century. At the time of his death, he left behind children, grandchildren and numerous admirers.

Extremely good-natured, always smiling and cheerful, this man became everyone’s favorite in his own right. Neither was he a politician, nor was he a socialist. Yet he is someone’s favorite pleasure in the sixteenth house, Karoba Kaka. Why is Paritosh Chowdhury so dear to everyone?

Paritosh Chowdhury, the second child of a teacher father, has provided a different service to the people of Sholghar till the last day of his life. When the Srinagar Health Complex was not built, there was no MBBS, FRCS doctor at hand, then Paritosh Chowdhury was the hope of the people of Sholghar. No, he was not a passing doctor, he never said that he was a doctor. But the people of Sholaghar used to call him as a doctor, so the name of his drug store in the market became Dr. Paritosh Chowdhury’s shop. At first he set up a drug store on this side of the Balai Dar tea shop in Sholghar, then moved the shop to his place near his house, where the shop is still there. Despite having such a good government doctor at the Srinagar Health Complex, people relied on Paritosh Chowdhury, so many patients could be seen in his shop. His reputation in the field of pediatrics is impeccable. In a word, he was an expert in medicine.

During the time of Ziaur Rahman, it was announced that those who are rural doctors will have to take diploma by training in government prescribed medicine. Paritosh Chowdhury also officially took the certificate of rural doctor with that training. Gone with medical services.

Just a year and a half or two ago, he lost his happy and sad partner. He lost his wife and became dull. The children did not allow her to sit in the store for Corona, so she was hidden from public view for about three months. Yet people would take his news, wanting to know how their favorite Paritosh Chowdhury is.

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