Ronaldo is calling for 600 goals

Incredible but less said? In Spanish football, it is normal for the name Alcano to be unfamiliar. Third tier club, budget only 6 million euros. One such club was Real Madrid in the last 32 of the Copa del Rey last night. If you haven’t seen the match, it’s normal to guess the result.

Real are one of the best clubs in Europe on loan and in weight. It is normal to win big. But the glory of football sometimes outweighs the imagination. Real have been knocked out of this year’s Spanish football tournament by a 2–1 defeat to Alcano. The last time the club played in the top league of Spain 60 years ago, they said goodbye to Real with 10 people!

Real were ahead in the last minute of the first half on the field of Alcano. Milita also scored a header from Marcelo’s cross. Jose Solbes scored the equalizer from the corner 10 minutes before the scheduled time. The game ended in extra time as the allotted time ended in a 1–1 draw. Alcayano’s Ramon Lopez received a second yellow card in the 110th minute for a foul on Real’s defensive midfielder Casimiro. Alcayano, who came down to 10, has not given up yet.

Valencia is one of the most affected areas in Spain by the coronavirus. There is a legend surrounding the club Alcano. Alcano was trailing 13-0 at home once in the 1950s. But before they finally got to the flute market, there was a saying, ‘Have more morale than alcohol. Whatever he was, Alcano’s morale was the same in yesterday’s match. Juanon scored the winning goal in the 115th minute with the mentality of not giving up.

Real lost to Spanish Super Copa semi-final Athletic Bilbao last week. They are out of another domestic competition in Spain this week. Real coach Zinedine Zidane brought nine changes to the XI of the Bilbao match. But that team also had five players with experience winning the Champions League, such as Marcelo, Isco and Casimiro. Real turned the stick for most of the match. But the work could not achieve the victory.

Alcano’s 41-year-old goalkeeper Jose Juan played an incredible game in the match. He made a total of 10 ‘saves’. He blocked shots from Fede Valvarde and Vinicius Jr. in the first half. No spectators were allowed to enter the field for Corona. However, several spectators watched the match from outside the field. Alcano fans were seen bursting into celebration after the incredible victory of the favorite team.

Real’s three-time Champions League-winning coach Zidane has been under a lot of pressure this season. After this rate, the fear of his job will increase. However, Zidane took the blame for the loss on his shoulders, saying, “All the responsibility is mine and whatever happens will happen.” Real are 19-time Copa del Rey champions. But they have not won the tournament in seven years. For the fifth time since 2001, Real lost to a third-tier team and withdrew from any competition.

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