Sholaghar in a horrific accident March 12/ 2021

Dhaka-Mawa Red has become a place for youth motorcycle racing competitions as a result of which accidents happen every day.l  This afternoon, a pedestrian was crossing the road when he was crushed under a speeding motorcycle and his leg was split in two. Arrangements were being made to send the patient to Dhaka by ambulance …

Moments later, three private car riders were rescued when the four-wheeler, which was competing at the same place, overtook a private car and hit the front wheel of the private car with the money of the private car driver. When the motorcyclists stopped the private car and used bad language with the driver, they became soft when the Arehi Army security officer came down and handed over his identity card.

Thus, horrible accidents are happening on this road every day, taking away life or paralysis. The long-standing demand of the people of Sholaghar is for a foot over bridge, and after how many accidents this foot over bridge will happen. Who will take the responsibility of these lives.

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