The first man on the moon

The morning of July 16, 1989. A few kilometers around the Cape Kennedy Space Center in the United States are crowded. The whole area has been crowded with cars, jeeps, buses, boats and even small planes since last night. Many have set up temporary shelters in small tents. Some are under the open sky in the existing tabiyate. With cameras, binoculars and radios in their hands, they are anxiously waiting and counting the hours of excitement.

Most of them have come to rejoice. Some carried placards and banners to protest the US government’s huge waste of money in the space sector. But pros and cons, everyone present that day knew they were going to witness a great history of mankind today. This is a history that will not be old even if it can be said for ages.

After a while, the Apollo 11 spacecraft with three adventurous astronauts will run to the moon at a distance of about 364,000 kilometers. Not only that, for the first time in human history, people will set foot outside the earth, in the land of the old woman with the spinning moon. Yes, not instruments, but aquatic people. With this, the United States will give a broken tooth to the eternal rival Soviet Union in the space competition on that day. So the whole American race (or mankind) went to the moon with three astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins – on the wings of imagination.

9:23 a.m. local clock. Bright lights began to shine on the underside of the rocket aimed at Cape Kennedy’s horizon. All around began to be engulfed in white smoke with the light of intense fire. The Saturn V rocket slowly launched into the sky, leaving a tail of fire on its tail like a comet. Gradually his speed began to increase. The command module and lunar module have been specially placed on the top of the rocket. In it, three astronauts are sitting and breaking the strong bond of gravity by clenching their teeth.

Thousands of people standing below burst into joy at the sight of Apollo 11 ascending into space, overcoming the illusion of Earth’s gravity. Some, however, could not bear the burden of emotion and did not hesitate to cry. Just then the excitement of the three astronauts sitting in the safe control room at the head of the rocket is now much calmer. Because for the past few years they have been waiting for this day. That is why it is very difficult to take all the training in artificial environment. In many cases, the training was harder than it really was. So the future events were memorized by them.

Three hours after the launch of the Saturn V rocket, Columbia and Eagle separated from the rocket in Earth orbit. The two spacecraft then left Earth’s orbit together and embarked on a three-day journey to the moon. At the beginning of this long journey, the explorers pulled out the Lunar Module Eagle from behind Columbia and annexed it to Columbia. Then they started traveling between the two modules as needed. The two vehicles are named after two US national symbols. The first is the American female Columbia and the second is the Eagle, the national bird of the United States.

The previous Apollo missions were in fact just preparations and exercises for this final Apollo 11 mission. So NASA, the three Apollo explorers, knew how to get there. Before reaching the moon’s orbit, they examined the various instruments of the two modules to see if there were any defects. Three astronaut-command module pilots Michael Collins, lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin and commander Neil Armstrong were able to take a break from eating, sleeping and broadcasting live on TV with Earthlings.

U.S. political scientist Samuel P. Huntington’s sensational book, The Clash Civilization and the Remaking of the World Order. In that book, he says, “Ordinary people, whether they understand it or not, always like to be divided between us and them, us and their party, our civilization and their barbarism.” Such a division and the resulting extreme competition. This was the plan of the mission to the moon in the United States. It was many times more political than it was in the interests of scientific research. The US space agency’s NASA Apollo mission began with the Cold War with Russia (then the Soviet Union).

One by one, the rival Soviet Union was losing to the United States in space exploration. Russia (then Soviet Union) sent the first satellite Sputnik-1 into space. When that satellite sat in Earth orbit and gave light signals flying in the skies of the United States, the whole American had nothing to do but stare like a fly in the face. The first animal in space, a dog named Leica. He is also a Soviet achievement. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space in 1971. The Soviet Union, as well as socialism, spread its fame all over the world. Valentina Tereskova was the first woman and civilian to fly into space on June 16, 1963. He also achieved Soviet. Luna 2 is the first spacecraft to land on the moon. That achievement is also in the possession of the socialist Soviet Union. With the tip of the nose of the capitalist superpower, one parallel rivalry after another can be tolerated. There is nothing comparable to that of the United States. They also did everything one by one in space. But to the whole world, they are nothing more than following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union. So the world did not find or remember the first American animal, the first man, the first woman sent into space. Despite many attempts by the US administration, it has failed in any case

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