The patient died while coming to Sreenagar for dental treatment.

The patient died while coming to Sreenagar for dental treatment.

Thursday, November 26, 2020.

Munshiganj: This tragic incident took place this morning in Srinagar market of the district. According to sources, the 30/32 year old woman came to Dr. Sayem at Azhar Dental Clinic in Srinagar Bazar with dental problems. The patient’s physical deterioration occurs when Dr. Sayem injects anesthesia to remove the tooth. He was rushed to Srinagar Health Complex where the on-duty doctor declared him dead. The doctor confirmed that he had died before being taken to the hospital.

We talked about this with Dr. Sanjida Hossain Papia, a famous dentist of Bangladesh. Why did the patient deteriorate and die immediately after giving anesthesia? There is no alternative to anesthesia when it comes to teeth extraction. In this question, Dr. Sanjida said that in order to give anesthesia to a patient, one has to know his history first, whether there is any big problem in the body, diabetic, blood pressure, high blood pressure must be checked before giving anesthesia. Anesthesia should not be given if there are any other physical problems. In this case, the patient should be cured with medicine first. We do not know what precautions Dr. Sayem Regi took before giving the anesthesia. Tried to contact him but could not be found.

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