The story of a boy’s entire life. A man’s name is Shuvo.

The story of a boy’s entire life. A man’s name is Shuvo. He woke up in the morning. Then a man is waiting for him. One day we thought we would all go to a hotel together and eat a lot with my friends. My friend said that I am Rudra Das. I eat a lot of rice all day long.
Don’t eat anything else? No. Then I went home to talk to my friend a lot.
I left and rested. Now I’m out of the house again. The friend said it had been a long time since he had played PUBJI. Let’s play pub. I have no MB. MB me
Give. We have less MB. Two fish
Can’t play much time. All right
I ate two fish. Two fish is a game cess. Now I have to buy MB again. Is the offer coming soon? No, I have no offer. I am getting an offer to buy more MB for less money or I will buy it.
It’s time to read, can not wear? Let’s go.
If you don’t read and write, it won’t work. Education is the humanity of the nation. People have been compared
With a two-story house. The lock on the bottom of that house is humanity and the lock on that house is life. A man keeps his head high when he has money. And when he has no money, he bows his head. And if a tree has fruit, its head is high. And when he has no fruit, his head is bowed
No. Telling another story. One speaker has three sons and a daughter. He was the owner of a lot of money
He thought that he would share all his money with his son and daughter. But before that the rich man died. At that time, a person said, “I get thirty lakh rupees from him. If you don’t give me my money, I won’t let you take the body.” Then
His three sons refused to pay. Then his daughter said that with the money
Let my dad take Las.
I saw who loves him more
He who loves her very much will get all the money of his father. I came to you after hearing a story. If you like this story, please like your original ban. Many days ago there were three hundred people inside a ship. Then
Thirty-three people were inside the ship
Did after. The ship sank. Thirty-three people on board died after the ship sank. And that ship is no longer available

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