This platform is being named. Jugajug

This platform is being named `Contacts’

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is creating an alternative social media platform for Facebook in Bangladesh. The platform under construction is being dubbed “Communication”.

State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed made the remarks at the inaugural ceremony of the second series of Entrepreneurship Masterclass organized by the Women and E-Commerce Forum (WEF), a Facebook-based women entrepreneurs’ platform, on Saturday (July 24th).

Junaid Ahmed said that a platform called ‘Alapan’ is being created as an alternative to WhatsApp for its own communication, not just as an alternative to Facebook or Zoom. He also gave details of the activities of creating various digital platforms on their own initiative including streaming.

The Minister of State for ICT said that the Women and E-Commerce Forum would benefit from using the new platform. He thinks that having the courage to take risks is the first challenge to become an entrepreneur. She also called upon women entrepreneurs to engage themselves in innovation with honesty, dedication and transparency.

Through this platform under construction, local entrepreneurs will be able to create their own online marketplaces and groups for information and communication. Entrepreneurs do not have to depend on Swap, he said.

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