What to do before selling an old smartphone

Just what to sell? Many, like Fatik Chakraborty in the story of ‘Holiday’, also give the right of possession to the younger brother in the line of grandchildren. Whatever the case, Maya used to store a lot of information on old phones due to long-term use. How secure that information is after the change of hands is a consideration. So keep in mind at least four things before handling an old phone.

1. Take out the SIM card:

It sounds silly but many people forget. This is where your connection number is your identifier, the phone number and text messages are often stored on the old SIM. So first take out the SIM card.

2. Now it’s the turn of the memory card:

Of course, not all phones have a microSD card or slot. If so, take it out just like the SIM card. You will find slots either under the battery cover on the back or on the side.

3. Delete data:

On Android you will get the option to delete all the data at once from the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings> System> Reset> Factory data reset and follow the on-screen instructions. Instructions on the phone can be a little different.

For iPhone, go to Settings> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings option. To confirm, press Erase on the iPhone twice. After that, if the passcode and password of Apple ID are correct, the work will start.

Following the instructions above will delete various apps, account and phone settings, installed apps, songs, pictures and other files. And so don’t forget to back up the necessary files (backup) at all.

4. If you want to sell:

The inside is clean, now clean the outside. If you want you can change the screen protector or cover. If there is a box that is given when buying a smartphone with charger, headphones, etc., hand it over to the new owner.

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