WhatsApp is bringing new features

The messaging app WhatsApp is quite popular for online communication. Over the past few years, new features have been added to it regularly. The US company is adding a new feature to the app for WhatsApp users. So far there was only one opportunity to use the account from mobile. The number of those devices is going to increase with the new feature. That is, WhatsApp will now support multiple devices.

Suppose you are logged into WhatsApp using your phone number on your smartphone, says an NDTV report. It is mandatory to log out of the first phone before logging in to another phone with the same number. The new feature will allow WhatsApp to lock in the same account from multiple smartphones at once.

This information has come to light in the report published on the WABita Info website. The messaging company has been working on creating this feature since last year. The new feature has been seen again in the recent Android beta update. There has been added the option to log in to the same account from another device.

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